Portfolio Management Services

Della Parola provides ongoing discretionary portfolio management services to various types of clients. When providing portfolio management services, the firm not only makes recommendations related to investments, but also implements these recommendations and provides ongoing monitoring and reporting. Client accounts are managed in accordance with each particular client’s individual needs, return objectives, and risk tolerance.

Although clients are responsible for notifying us of any changes to their financial situation or investment objectives, clients may be contacted for the specific purpose of assessing whether the client’s financial situation or investment objectives have changed, or if the client would like to impose and/or modify any reasonable restrictions on the management of their accounts. Della Parola will at a minimum, meet annually with our clients to review their investment portfolio.



Sub-Advisory Services

Della Parola offers both investment management and investment services, to non-affiliated investment advisory firms on a sub-advisory basis.

When providing investment management services on a sub-advisory basis, these entities delegate all or part of their investment management responsibilities to Della Parola. Della Parola is then responsible for making asset allocation and investment decisions for the managed accounts, and for executing and monitoring settlement of trades related to those investment decisions.

Although Della Parola is granted discretionary authority over managed accounts, the advisory firm may limit or provide instructions to Della Parola as to investment decisions but must do so in writing. Investment strategies used for management of sub-advised accounts are similar to those strategies used in Della Parola’s own managed accounts.